Java Network Stack


Welcome to the Java Netowrk Stack home page.

Java Network Stack ( or jnetstack in ~short) , is a Java networking API designed for building internet measurements such as ping and traceroute.



Features :

·        Raw socket networking capabilities.

·        Extendable Packet building

·        Netwrok driver packet sniffing and packet injection (using a crippled version of winpcap driver )


Limitations :

·        Currently limited to windows platform only.

·        Only basic tests have been made. We do not consider this library stable yet.


Future work:

·        Add Linux/Macos/Planet lab capabilities

·        Add IPv6 networking

·        ETOMIC integration



Java Network Stack is a part of the DIMES project , which is an academic internet measurement project. Visit us at



You can download the library at our sourceforge jnetstack page.